Hi! I’m Kevin.

I really love capturing all sorts of memories.

I am based Orange, California… but that has not stopped me from exploring and documenting all sides of this globe.

I have been married for 8-years to a hardworking, caring & gorgeous elementary school teacher.

I am currently expecting a little baby girl named Olive Kensington, due April 2017.

I love discovering and connecting to all different cultures.

I enjoy California Pinot, Belgian Beer, and almost anything that has butter on it and comes out of an oven.

I would love to live in Bavaria and explore every nook of the Alps one day.

I majored in Photojournalism at CSUF.

Most importantly, I love Jesus and He is the reason why I do this.


Since I began shooting professionally over 9 years ago, I have dedicated myself to capturing images that reflect the beauty and uniqueness of our world; telling visual stories of love, wonder, faith, achievement, hope and good ‘ol fashioned fun.  All the while, building lasting relationships.
I do not limit myself purely to one type of photography, but embrace the variety and freshness that comes with all different types of documenting.  From weddings to non-profits to commercial products to newspapers to events… I love it all.

Whether I have been sitting in remote Indian villages, or with an anxious bride on her wedding day or in a boardroom with executives, one thing I have learned is that we all have a unique story to tell and my hope is that I can help tell a small part of that story.

Thank you and God bless!


Some of the incredible companies & organizations I have worked alongside include:

The Los Angeles County Fair Association
Revolve Clothing
Concordia University Irvine
Generations Healthcare
Key Marketing, Inc.
Harvest India – Tenali, India
Diyar Consortium – Bethlehem, Palestine
Rewrite Beautiful
Door Components, Inc.
The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin