ROCKharbor Peacemaking Pilgrimage | The Holy Land

We refuse to be enemies” – Daoud Nassar

This was my 3rd peacemaking trip in to Israel and Palestine with the Telos Group. I could talk for pages and pages about why we go, what we do, and who we meet with along the way, but I will have to suffice with the photos for the most part. I HIGHLY encourage you to explore the Telos Group website and the RELEVANT Magazine article I have linked below to get an idea of the purpose and heart behind these trips.

The narrative unfolding in the Holy Land is something I am very passionate about and, from our extended time living/serving there, have an intimate connection to.  With these trips, we are slowly bringing our church community more into the story of what is happening in the Holy Land and how we can all play a healthy part in that dialogue.  As we go, our church focuses on and prays through the Beatitudes, the radical words Jesus spoke to open his Sermon on the Mount.

For this trip I was fortunate enough to co-lead a small crew from our church and along the way, document some of the sights we saw, the people we met with and the wonderful group of from my church experiencing this powerful trip.

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