Justin + Cynthia | Married in Paso Robles

This was a fun one.

My good buddy Justin was getting married in one of my favorite places in California, Paso Robles and he asked me to document the day for him.  Win!  This day was just the best. The groomsmen consisted of some of my closest friends, the location was stunning, the weather was beautiful and the best part… Cynthia is awesome!  Justin is blessed with a gorgeous and super fun woman.  These two make a great and really goofy couple and truly put the Lord on display in all that they do.  Such a perfect pairing.

Loved this wedding and love this couple.
It was a day full of continuous laughs and tears.  From the emotional first look to the beautiful ceremony & communion, to the dances with the parents, it was all just so great.  I’m honored to have been there to capture these memories.

Thanks Justin & Cynthia for being a shinning example of what a Godly marriage will look like.

Here are Cynthia’s words about their journey from car dealership to the altar…

We met at Fletcher Jones Motor Cars where we both worked.  Our first real heart to heart conversation was on the shuttle to work, and ever since that day we knew something special would come out of our friendship.  Months later we made it official and began dating.  We soon realized that we have the same type of humor and haven’t stopped laughing since.  Two years into dating Justin proposed to me at a romantic vineyard in Paso Robles and I was balling my eyes out with tears of joy.  Being Justin’s hometown and the place where he proposed to me we decided to get married there.  We are so excited for what the future holds and one day having a family together.

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