Diving into The Holy Land

For over 8 months, my wife and I had the privilege to live in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, the place where our Lord Jesus Christ was born.  We were volunteering at the Diyar Consortium, a Lutheran-based cultural organization who’s goal is to give the Palestinian people abundant life through community building, the arts, education, development and outreach.  We really got to experience first-hand the beauty of both Palestinian and Israeli culture.  Since we spent the bulk of our time in the West Bank, most of our experiences were with Arab daily life and it was so wonderful. We never knew how truly beautiful the culture was… the hospitality, the food, the language and the deep-seeded importance of family.  We were blessed to have formed life-long friendships, to have heard intimate stories of life on both sides of the wall, to have worshiped every week with the Palestinian Christians and to have become part of many families there.  It was really hard to leave, but a big chunk of our hearts will always be there.

I could go on for hours about our time there… but to get a better idea of our day-to-day and the wonderful people we got to live and love with, visit our blog here: Living to Love


As far as this photography blog goes, I wanted to showcase a little bit of what life looks like there and what one might see if they were to visit: the people, the streets, the religious parts, the countryside, the churches, the art, and aspects of the complicated political situation.

HolyLand01 HolyLand02 HolyLand03 HolyLand04 HolyLand05 HolyLand06 HolyLand07 HolyLand08 HolyLand09 HolyLand10 HolyLand11 HolyLand12 HolyLand13 HolyLand14 HolyLand15 HolyLand16 HolyLand17 HolyLand18 HolyLand19 HolyLand20 HolyLand21 HolyLand22 HolyLand23 HolyLand24 HolyLand25 HolyLand26 HolyLand28 HolyLand29 HolyLand30 HolyLand31 HolyLand32 HolyLand33 HolyLand34 HolyLand35 HolyLand36 HolyLand37 HolyLand38 HolyLand39 HolyLand41 HolyLand42 HolyLand43 HolyLand44 HolyLand45 HolyLand46 HolyLand47 HolyLand48 HolyLand49