Visa-Run to Germany, Austria, Italy

My wife and I recently spent a couple weeks with family and friends traveling in Germany, Austria and Italy.  After being away from home for 9 months in India and the West Bank, this was a welcome break.  Instead of us going all the way back to California to visit or having them come all the way to India or Israel, we figured we could meet somewhere in the middle.  Perfect!  We were also celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary and 3 birthdays on the trip, which was really special.  Photographic speaking, I was on a super landscape high.  Everything was so gorgeous, I just couldn’t help myself!  The only bummer is that I was without a charger for my camera for half of the trip, so I did not capture as much of Germany and Austria as I would have liked.  But really, how can I complain?!?  In a way, it was nice to just be present and soak up more of the culture than I normally would have with my camera in tow everywhere we went.  We are sooo blessed to be able to have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and historical places in the world.  And to even be able to have a camera to capture these memories is so awesome!  Ok, now I’m rambling…. overall an incredible and memorable trip!

Here is just a SMALL taste of the sights.  Enjoy!


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